There is a pre-school for 5-6 -year old children in the educational-sports complex

The implementation of the pre-school program creates a favorable platform for ensuring smooth transition and adaptation from kindergarten to school.

The program consists of the following components:

  • speech development,
  • fascinating mathematics,
  • I study the world,
  • Russian,
  • English,
  • dancing,
  • music,
  • skilled hands,
  • art therapy,
  • fairy tale therapy,
  • swimming.

Preschool’s program also provides stages preparing children for school adaptation period:

  • social-communication development,
  • memory enhancement,
  • attention concentration and development,
  • development of thinking.


The advantages of pre-school are:

  • conditions in accordance with the norms for carrying out the activities of the preschool,
  • material and technical rich base,
  • professional staff,
  • splendid team approach to work,
  • involvement in school community.


The monthly fee for the pre-school is 150000 AMD.


For registration and more details call: 012 620 624.