Занятия в кружке моделирования одежды

In our complex, clothing modeling courses are held in a classroom equipped with appropriate materials, where theoretical and practical lessons in clothing preparation and modeling are realized. Middle and high school students who are interested in fashion design are participated in this course. Classes are held in a warm atmosphere.

Students develop abilities and skills which are prerequisite for the clothing modeling process. When discussing any style, they mostly tend to follow the trends of modern fashion and design houses, which is to create loose and comfortable clothes.

By the way, the students of the clothing modeling group are also actively involved in the processes of preparing some outfits for school events. For instance, black skirts for school events, costume vests for Armenian tradition-related events, aprons for the cooking club, and capes for the event held at the skating rink were all made. It should be noted that the works are mainly thematic in nature, where the national theme is also preserved.