Artur Aleksanyan in our complex

Today, Olympic champion, three-time World Champion and five-time European Champion, UNICEF National Ambassador Artur Aleksanyan was hosted at Gazprom Armenia CJCS’s Educational-Sport Complex. During the meeting, the students received answers to many questions from Artur Aleksanyan and his coach – Gevorg Aleksanyan, who is Artur’s father. He shared his formula of success with the students, which is diligence, aspiration and responsibility. 

This event marked the beginning of a tradition of regular meeting with representatives of different spheres, who would share their life story, experience of overcoming difficulties, guarantee of success, and would be a stimulus and guide for our students, as, we want to set as an example for the new generation with such individuals who have an honest and victorious pathway, and who are the implementers of national dreams.