General description

The kindergarten of the educational-sport complex has been operating since November 11, 2019. The program of the kindergarten combines the best achievements and practice of domestic and foreign preschool pedagogy, offering a combination of the traditional and the innovative ones, aimed at the comprehensive development of child’s personality in mental, physical, phycological, creative, social and emotional spheres. The child forms and develops skills, such as curiosity, initiative, willingness and ability to explore the surrounding world, desire to learn, purposefulness, focus on results, creativity, systematic thinking, positive socialization, the ability to interact flexibly and constructively with others, psychological harmony and physical health.

Our highly qualified professionals with their caring and warm attitude display individual approach during 2-6 years old children’s upbringing and educational process. In addition, all the professionals of the kindergarten necessarily take into account the children’s peculiarities and focus on the personalization and diversity of educational approaches.

When graduating from kindergarten, the children will have advanced intellectual and analytical skills, broad thinking abilities, high level of development and motivation to study in school. The kindergarten has an educational program designed for each age group.


The advantages of kindergarten are:


  1. 1. it is a separate building – designed according to precise standards,
  2.   2. the groups are equipped with modern technologies (each group has an interactive blackboard and projector),
  3.  3. 6 furnished playgrounds,

  4.  4. figure skating,                              

  5.  5. indoor children’s pool,
  6.  6. all day surveillance by security personnel and video surveillance in all places, where children are present,
  7. 7. experienced and literate teachers, who are interested in and inspired by their profession and are dedicated to their work,
  8. 8. services of psychologist,
  9. 9. speech therapist services,
  10. 10. healthy food,
  11. 11. medical assistance, daily monitoring examination to prevent the spread and aggravation of disease.


There is a doctor’s office in the kindergarten, equipped with the necessary first aid supplies. The kindergarten also has appropriate conditions for children psychological support. By diagnosing child’s cognitive process and emotional field, psychologists act as a link between children, parents and teachers, and in collaboration with the latter, assist to the child’s adaptation and his potential’s disclosure in the future. The kindergarten also has a speech therapist service, the demand of which is especially high.


The monthly fee in kindergarten in 2023-2024 180.000 AMD. The second child at the same family attending our complex’s school or kindergarten is provided a 10% discount, the third child - 20% discount, the fourd child - 30% discount and etc. Parents are allowed to choose the payment method (from lump sum to monthly).


For more details call  012 620 624.