General description

The kindergarten of the educational-sport complex has been operating since November 11, 2019. Kindergarten contributes to the creation of an educational continuum, where children receive quality education and upbringing from pre-school age, followed by the transition to school, continuing the work towards the upbringing and education of harmoniously developed personalities.


Our kindergarten offers a unique curriculum that amalgamates the finest domestic and international practices in preschool pedagogy. We blend tradition with innovation to foster intellectual, physical, psychological, creative, social, and emotional growth. We emphasize nurturing children's curiosity, initiative, creativity, and effective socialization, promoting attributes such as systematic thinking and goal orientation.


In our early age groups (2-3 years old), we focus on speech development, fine motor skills, and an understanding of the world, all while introducing the foundations of aesthetic education through music and dance. Regular physical education and swimming classes contribute to their physical well-being. Our psychologists conduct group and individual games, sand therapy, art therapy, and story therapy to ensure psychological well-being and balanced development. Speech development is a pivotal aspect of our program, and our speech therapists work closely with each child, designing individualized plans to address their specific needs. We actively involve parents, providing them with valuable insights and methods to support their child's speech development.


In our junior, middle, and senior groups, in addition to the mentioned subjects, children learn the basics of mathematics, Russian, and English, gradually preparing for their school journey. Swimming lessons are held from April to October in our 25-meter pool, and from mid-October to mid-April, children explore the basics of figure skating at our ice rink. This seamless integration across our educational sub-structures ensures a smooth transition for our kindergarten students to elementary school.


Key Advantages of Our Kindergarten:

  1. 1. it is a separate building – designed according to precise standards,
  2.   2. the groups are equipped with modern technologies (each group has an interactive blackboard and projector),
  3.  3. 6 furnished playgrounds,

  4.  4. figure skating,                              

  5.  5. indoor children’s pool,
  6.  6. all day surveillance by security personnel and video surveillance in all places, where children are present,
  7. 7. experienced and literate teachers, who are interested in and inspired by their profession and are dedicated to their work,
  8. 8. services of psychologist,
  9. 9. speech therapist services,
  10. 10. healthy food,
  11. 11. medical assistance, daily monitoring examination to prevent the spread and aggravation of disease.


The kindergarten has a doctor's room equipped with first aid supplies. The kindergarten also has appropriate conditions for psychological suppoert for students. Our experienced psychologists specialize in diagnosing cognitive processes and emotional needs. They act as a vital connection point between children, parents, and teachers, collaborating to ensure a seamless adaptation process and to help each child unlock their full potential. 


Additionally, we offer in-demand speech therapy services to address speech development needs. Our dedicated speech therapists work diligently to enhance communication skills.


At our kindergarten, we are committed to providing holistic support to nurture your child's overall growth and well-being.


Our Monthly Fee for the 2023-2024 Academic Year is AMD 180,000. Additionally, signing an annual contract allows for a one-month contract freeze. Families with multiple children attending our school or kindergarten benefit from discounts - 10% for the second child, 20% for the third child, 30% for the fourth child, and so forth.


For more information, please contact us at 012 620 624.