General description

The educational – sport complex has been operating since September 1, 2019, and it comprises elementary, middle and high schools. The main goal of the school’s educational program is to identify students’ self-development opportunities and promote their independence. In order to achieve the afore-mentioned goal, we have created the necessary conditions which enable equal development of students’ abilities. That is why the school’s educational program is called The Program of Equal Opportunity Development”.


To ensure the development of all the abilities of student’s, we conditionally divide them into three main directions: physical, mental and spiritual. Therefore, students enrolled in the educational program are provided with Physical Activity (PA), Mental Activity (MA) and Spiritual (Creative) Activity. The teaching subjects within the educational program are also distributed according to these main three directions owing to which, the relevant activities are provided keeping the proportion of child’s activities on day schedule.


The in-depth teaching of Russian and English is provided in elementary, middle and high schools using the leading educational programs and relevant teaching materials. All textbooks are provided to students by the school. The modern technical equipment of the classrooms allows for the widespread use of innovative methods in all the classrooms. 


In high school (starting from the 11th grade) stream education is organized, based on students’ preferences. It is planned to distribute the education in the following three directions: physics-mathematician, humanitarian and natural sciences. A separate educational program would be developed for each direction. 


For all levels, i.e. elementary, middle and high schools, during foreign language courses each class is divided into different groups, which makes the teaching process more efficient. Starting from the middle school, during the Armenian language courses each class is going to be divided into groups as well. Thus, language teaching is conducted in groups of 10-12 students.


In addition to the subjects included in the state general educational curriculum, school’s “Equal Opportunity Development System”, as well as its concept imply mandatory additional education in the following areas: physical, mental, spiritual (creativity). For the fulfilment of additional education component, the school has special classrooms equipped with the necessary contrivances and appliances. There are specially furnished classrooms e.g. for painting, ceramics, robotics, programming, dancing, sewing, cooking, where all the modern equipment and materials necessary for each are available.


The school has a canteen equipped with modern professional equipment. The work of the canteen is regulated in accordance with sanitary-epidemiological rules and regulations. Students in grades 1-6 receive three meals a day (hot breakfast, lunch, snacks), while students in grades 7-12 receive a hot breakfast and lunch. Food is prepared according to the age requirements of the body and is based on the principle of healthy nutrition.


There is a doctor’s office in the school, equipped with the necessary first aid supplies. The school also has appropriate conditions for students’ psychological support. By diagnosing child’s cognitive process and emotional field, psychologists act as a link between children, parents and teachers, and in collaboration with the latter, assist to the child’s adaptation and his potential’s disclosure in the future. The school also has a speech therapist service, which is especially highly demanded in elementary school.


The annual tuition fee for the 2023-2024 academic year is 2.070.000 AMD, which is maintained for each school level. The second child at the same family attending our complex’s school or kindergarten is provided a 10% discount, the third child - 20% discount, the fourd child - 30% discount and etc. Parents are allowed to choose the payment method (from lump sum to monthly).


For more details call:  012 620 626.