Gym hall

Complex’s sport and health center comprises modern equipped gym hall: a common hall (09:00-22:00).

We offer personal training, both with or without trainer. Why choose the variant with a personal trainer? The rational is as follows: with a trainer’s help you will have your own version of training, which is a complex set of carefully selected exercised designed to meet your individual needs. Our goal is to work together to achieve your desired result - at the same time, making sport part of your lifestyle.


Our gym halls operate daily from 09:00 to 22:00 and offers the following services:


        1. 8 visits per month - 12.000 AMD,

        2. 8 visits per month with a trainer - 20.000 AMD,

        3. 12 visits per month - 18.000 AMD,

        4. 12 visits per month with a trainer - 30.000 AMD,

        5. unlimited visits per month - 25.000 AMD,

        6. unlimited visits per month with a trainer - 45.000 AMD.


For more details call: 012 620 630.