Ashot Hakobyan

Chairman of the Management Committee-General Director of CJSC "Gazprom Armenia"

On behalf of "Gazprom Armenia" closed joint stock company, I am happy to welcome all the beneficiaries of the "Educational-Sports Complex" institution. Initiated in 2015 and officially launched in 2019, this unique initiative of ours aims to create and shape the necessary educational and sports environment for our students and visitors.

It is no coincidence that in a short period, thanks to the teamwork of professional management staff and skilled and innovative teachers, the complex, unique in its kind in the region, has become one of the leading educational institutions. The large-scale work done so far inspires confidence that our students here not only receive the necessary high-quality education, but also reveal their potential, and ensure personal growth, and their harmonious development is guaranteed.

We aim to constantly increase the role of education; moreover, the mission of the teachers in our community is to safeguard students’ right to education and freedom to be creative.

Valuing the key role of the "Educational-Sports Complex" institution in the field of education, we constantly support and encourage all the initiatives of the "Educational-Sports Complex" institution as part of the closed joint-stock company "Gazprom Armenia".

I want to mention with confidence that our "Educational-Sports Complex" institution will make a serious contribution to forming a competitive and versatile developed generation, becoming a leader in its field.

Aleksandr Grigoryan

Director of “Gazprom Armenia” CJSC  “Educational-Sport Complex”

The purpose of the "Educational-Sports Complex" enterprise of the closed joint-stock company "Gazprom Armenia" is to educate versatile individuals who will be competitive in the rapidly developing world. We make our students aware of modern global developments in education and give them all the tools that will enable them to achieve great success and set goals.

The "Educational-Sports Complex" enterprise of "Gazprom Armenia" closed joint-stock company is a unique educational center with its infrastructure, high-tech equipment, and educational programs. The staff of the educational complex commit their utmost efforts to ensure that each student who enrolls in our school feels empowered, undergoes holistic growth, and achieves academic success.

The alternative educational programs of our complex have been approved by the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports. Valuing the urge for continuous improvement of teaching quality, our employees are trained and improve their professional knowledge and skills every academic year, which certainly contributes to the appeal and efficiency of the educational process.

Within a mere five years, our educational institution has firmly established itself as a distinctive and reliable entity within Armenia's educational framework. This achievement is significant to us. Our most important asset is the students attending our educational complex, whose success inspires us and is a powerful incentive for new initiatives. I genuinely aspire that the years spent in our educational center will serve as a time for the new generation to uncover and nurture their innate talents, acquire knowledge, and gain valuable experiences