Aleksandr Grigoryan

Director of “Gazprom Armenia” CJSC  “Educational-Sport Complex”


In just 4 years, our educational complex has emerged as one of the leaders among private and state educational institutions in the Republic of Armenia, holding a distinctive position in this field. Our complex comprises a kindergarten and a secondary school equipped with robust sports infrastructure, including two swimming pools, an ice rink, and two gyms. These facilities are designed for use by both our school's students and anyone interested in utilizing them.

The primary objective of our educational approach is to identify opportunities for student self-development and foster their independence. The complex has established all the necessary conditions to realize this goal, enabling the comprehensive development of each student.

The Gazprom Armenia Educational and Sports Complex provides students with optimal opportunities to stay abreast of the times, ensuring healthy and harmonious development while always remaining accessible to them.

Together, we will fulfill the dreams of each student. By creating opportunities, our students will be diligent and become the best in this exceptional educational complex. Collectively, we will explore and nurture the mental, physical, and creative abilities of each student.