General description

Sport and heath center comprises:

        common gym hall,

        25 metres-long swimming pool designed exclusively for children,

        2 universal sport halls for playing sports.


Distinguished professionals work in the sport and health center: 7 of them are masters of sport, 3 are masters of international sport, 1 is an honored coach and 1 is a world champion.

The complex is equipped with the latest sports equipment. The building’s exterior and interior decoration is made of modern sterling materials, which meet the sanitary and fire safety requirements for these types of buildings.

The buildings of the complex are equipped with ramps to facilitate the access of people with mobility problems.

The health and sport center has a doctor’s room, which has all the necessary equipment for first aid. A sport traumatologist and a nurse work in the first aid department and conduct compulsory medical screening of visitors. Complex’s hygiene measures are implemented in accordance with sanitary norms and rules.


You can also get more information about the services provided by the sport and health center by calling 012 620 630.