Hrant Tadevosyan passed away

Gazprom Armenia CJSC announces with deep regret that on March 24, 2023, Chairman of the Management Board - General Director of Gazprom Armenia CJSC Hrant Tadevosyan passed away at the age of 60.

The message on the company's website emphasizes that Hrant Tadevosyan  made an invaluable and great contribution to the formation and  development of the Armenian gas energy industry. He passed a long  career path - from an engineer in the State Committee for  Gasification of the Armenian SSR to the position of Chairman of the  Board - General Director of Gazprom Armenia CJSC.  Graduated with  Honors Yerevan Polytechnic University of K. Marks, Faculty of  Engineering and Construction, Specialization of Heat-Gas Supply and  Ventilation He began his career in the gas industry in 1985 as an  engineer of the operational and technical department in the State  Committee for Gasification of the Armenian SSR. 

1983 - 1985 - Engineer at Institute Armkommunproyect 

1985 - 1986 - Engineer, Senior Engineer, Leading Engineer at State  Committee of Gas of Armenian SSR 

1986 - 1989 - Leading Engineer of GosAgroprom of Armenian SSR, in  1987 studied at All-union Highest Institute of Governance in Moscow,  concurrently 

1989 - 1992 - Chief Specialist of Armagroservice (belonged to the  Ministry of Agriculture) 

1992 - 1999 - Worked in Armgazprom as an Engineer, Head of the  Department, Deputy Head of the Bureau, Head of the Bureau and in 1995  studied Modern Methodologies of Hovernance in the USA, concurrently 

From 1999 to January 2011 - Head of the Technical Bureau of CJSC  ArmRosgazprom 

In May 2010 by Decree of the President of Armenia was awarded the  Medal of Anania Shirakatsi From February 2011 - Deputy General  Director - Chief Engineer of CJSC ArmRosgazprom 

From 2014 - Deputy General Director - Chief Engineer of CJSC Gazprom  Armenia, Member of the Management Committee 

From October 2016 -General Director of CJSC Gazprom Armenia

In October 2016 Electricity and Energy Council of CIS awarded the  Title “Honored Power Engineer of CIS” for the Development of  Electricity Power of the countries of CIS.

From October 25, 2016-Chairman of the Management Committee-General Director of CJSC Gazprom Armenia

In May 2017 was elected as a member of the Presidency of  International Business Congress

May 17, 2017 the Presidency of Russian Engineer Academy awarded the  Title of “Honored Engineer of the Russian Federation”.

December 18, 2017 -was awarded a Commemorative Medal “For  significant contribution to the energy sector of the Republic of  Armenia”.

Over the long years of his career, he considered the stable  development of the gas industry of the republic to be his vocation  and the main goal of his work, he used his knowledge and vast  experience to develop the gas economy in Armenia.