Army Day in Kindergarten

On the eve of Army Day, the mood in the kindergarten of our complex was festive. Soldiers were hosted in the kindergarten. The kindergarten is convinced that the love for the homeland and the army should be instilled in children from childhood. The children greeted the guests with a small patriotic performance. The soldiers were also prepared for the meeting. they told the children the "Flower of Courage" fairy tale as a symbolic message to their successors. The fairy tale teaches how such courage can be found in a person who aims to help his relatives.  If there is a goal even the biggest fears can disappear

Do such events raise the role of the army and the military in the consciousness of our future generations? In response to this question, the teacher told what she had just seen.

- When the soldiers came in, all the children honored them without any advice from us. It's hard to find a clearer proof.

The meeting took place in a warm, friendly, and educational atmosphere. The organizers promise that such events will be continuous.