Tumanyan’s days in our complex

On the birthday of the great Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan and during the next week, Tumanyan's breath reigned in the school and kindergarten of our complex.

The children also celebrated the traditional Holiday of Books and presented books to each other.

A variety of events were held to emphasize the educational and edifying value of Tumanyan's works in the lives of both children and adults. Performances, lessons were dedicated to Tumanyan at school, and a visit to the poet's house museum was organized.
Our students staged the play "Tumanyan's Mess", during which episodes from the fairy tales of the great Armenian writer were presented.
Students from the "bees" class visited the House-Museum of Hovhannes Tumanyan, where they learned about the great Armenian writer's life and work.


In the kindergarten of the institution, children also celebrated the poet's birthday. During the week, they got acquainted with Tumanyan's children's creations.
At the speech development class in the senior group "Zangaks", the children remembered the poet's fairy tales familiar to them and staged "A drop of honey".