"Tyarnendaraj" holiday in our complex

The pupils of our complex celebrated the Tyarnendarach holiday with a cheerful mood, songs and dances. They got acquainted with the main mystery of the holiday, jumped over a bonfire lit in the courtyard of the complex:
By the way, festive preparations in the kindergarten started the day before. Together, the children prepared a festive table in Tarnendarach and organized a tasting, decorating one of the symbols of the holiday - the tree of life.

According to the ancient Armenian tradition, national dances were also danced in the courtyards during church holidays. The pupils of our school, following the tradition, danced around the campfire "Karno Kochari", "Tamzara" and "Tsakhkadzor", who studied within the framework of the subject "dance".
It should be noted that every year on February 14, 40 days after Christmas, the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the feast of the bringing of the baby Jesus to the temple-Tiarnendarach.

The Armenian people have been celebrating the holiday of Trndez, Tjarnendarach, Tandarej, Tarinj-Tarinj and many others for thousands of years.
According to folk tradition, the main rite of Tyarnendarach was to light a bonfire and celebrate around this bonfire.