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About the robotics club

What are the difficulties in teaching robotics? How interested are the children in the subject? What especially attracts them?

- Lego arouses great interest and intrigue among children. That is why Lego is used as a teaching element. The difficulty with teaching is that the teacher must be able to manage the lesson so well that it does not become an uncontrollable game, the children should not go out of the classroom framework.  Besides, children’s preferences and skills differ significantly, so the teacher’s task is to find the connecting link which will be interesting for all students.

Should robotics become a mandatory subject? Why?

- Robotics develops three-dimensional imagination and motor skills in children giving basic knowledge about almost all subjects in young age groups. In our opinion, it may be compulsory in elementary school and optional in higher school, as children have a wider field of interest at an older age.

 Will they become self-ruling, or will humanity always be able to control them?

"They will," replied the teacher.