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Army Day in the School

The events dedicated to the Army Day continue in our educational complex. This time the students of the school and our respectable guests of the military sphere took part in the event.
The lecturer of the military medical faculty, Major Samvel Parzyan, the military expert and lieutenant colonel Hrachya Petrosyants were among them.  Our staff members Vardan Kamburyan (teacher of IDP), Gevorg Tigranyan (teacher of robotics) and Artak Aloyan (head of our school security service), who volunteered for the defense of the Motherland during the Second Artsakh War, were also invited to the event.
The military shared their feelings, experience, goals and conclusions with the children. They voiced such ideas that seem to be the laws of our national existence or which will become such ones.

  • War starts at school
  • In this war, as never before, we realized the role of science and scientific achievements for our well-being
  • The enemy should not be underestimated
  • Everyone is a soldier and must do their job
  • It is the duty of each of us to defend our country and to serve our generations
  • You should strive to be good or the best in everything; we do not need mediocrity

The children were interested in the various details of the war, and the military was eager to recall their successors.

This kind of generational dialogue is certainly a step towards future victories. Such meetings sober up all our people, especially the young people, because they acknowledge the importance of their knowledge and further actions for the benefit of our Motherland.