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Gazprom at Legostart

On May 23, the "Legostart 2021" competition took place, where four teams from Gazprom Armenia School participated. In the conversation with each team, the children told about the moods in their team and the problems set before them.

 Team: Gazprom 1:

"Our team is united by love for robotics and mathematics ․ We face our new tasks with great interest. Despite the fact that all members of our team know the conditions required at all stages of the competition, 2 of us are responsible for assembling the robot, and the third for programming.

We would like to create a robot that could destroy viruses in the air before they could harm human health.

"If we won the Legostart competition, we would open champagne on a robot by dancing at a party organized on the same day."

Team: Gazprom 2:

"We love working as a team, because in a real team, each member has his role, complementing each other the work becomes more efficient. Besides robotics, we are also interested in painting. All the members of our team are very creative, we will try our best to win.

We would like to create a robot that could do the housework instead of the children.

If we are the winners of the competition, we will shout with joy "

Team: Gazprom 3

"We decided to participate in the" Legostart "competition with great interest. We have divided the work among the team members, everyone is doing his job with pleasure. The most creative in our team is Erika, who is constantly inventing different devices. We also like to play computer games as a team.

We want to create robots that will clean the ocean of garbage. If we win the competition, we will shout with joy. "

Team: Gazprom 4

"We learned about the competition from the robotics team leader, we all decided to participate. We enjoy working as a team because each of us does our favorite work. The most creative member of our team is Arsen ․ He constantly has interesting ideas for designing different robots. In addition to designing robots, we also like playing team-building games.

If possible, we want to create intelligent robots that will plant trees to restore green lands.

"If we win the Legostart competition, we will go to an extreme park as a team."

As a result of the competition, the fourth team was recognized as the winner. Their wish to go to an extreme park was realized by the director A. Grigoryan who gave the children "Yerevan Park" tickets.