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Scholarship Certificate Award Ceremony-2020/21

Director of "Gazprom Armenia" CJSC H. Tadevosyan and the director of "Gazprom Armenia" CJSC "Educational-Sport Complex" institution A. Grigoryan handed over the certificates to the students who won the competition for scholarships of "Gazprom Armenia" and "Gazprom Armenia" CJSC "Educational-Sport Complex" institution. The scholarship is one of the ways to motivate students at school. This is the best grade for each student.

The directors congratulated the winners wishing them new achievements and accomplishments throughout the study.

“Gazprom Armenia” Scholarship

1. Eric Nver Hasratyan, 5th grade.

2. Anahit Davit Ghukasyan, 5th grade.

3 ․ Rafael Hakob Movsesyan, 5th grade.

4 ․ Mark Argam Hakobyan, 7th grade.

5 ․ Liana Mher Sahakyan, 9th grade.


"Gazprom Armenia" CJSC "Educational-Sport Complex" Institution School Scholarship

6. Gabriel Artin Hartuni, 4th grade.

7. Mary Tigran Simonyan, 4th grade.

8 ․ Arayik Torgom Parvanyan, 4th grade.

9. Alisa Artavazd Sargsyan, 5th grade.

10. Erika Hakob Hakobyan, 6th grade

11. Mariam Arthur Hakobyan, 7th grade.

12. Anoush Armen Vrtanesyan, 12th grade.