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Pupils of our complex took part in the "Festival of Science"

Pupils of the educational-sports complex took part in the school-wide "Festival of Science" held at Ayb School in the field of natural sciences, where pupils from different regions of the republic and Yerevan schools presented reports and experiments on their own research. We presented three projects, two of them were on geography (teacher and supervisor Lusine Hakobyan) and one on biology (teacher and supervisor Rubina Harutyunyan).

Among the students of our complex Ruzanna Gevorgyan, Lara Tunyan and Sargis Artenyan presented "Aragats Speaks", Erika Petrosyan, Aida Arakelyan and David Turyan presented "Analysis of temperature changes in Yerevan city in March for the last 10 years". Robert Atabekyan and Ruzanna Badalyan made an oral report on "Obtaining fertilizer from coffee wastes".

It should be noted that the pupils also studied with great interest the works of their peers, took part in an open class of Armenian dancing, listened to the performance of the school choir "Ayb".