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"Tête-à-tête with our students"․ Felix Abrahamyan

- Can you tell us about yourself in five words?

- Smart, friendly, kind, strong, caring.

 - Are your parents strict?

- My father - no, my mother - yes.

- Do you consider them your friends?

- Yes.

- If you were born again, in which country would you like to be born? Why?

- In Armenia as I love my homeland very much.

- How do you choose your friends?

- I choose kind and smart ones.

- If you had the opportunity to have a supernatural ability, what would be your choice?

- I would put an end to Turkey and Azerbaijan.

- What advice do your parents give you?

- They say that I should study well, be a good person.

 - What is your favorite book?

"David of Sassoun".

 - Do you have any favorite dishes? What are they?

- Spas, sweets, borscht, oat flakes.

- What do you do in your free time?

- I collect Legos.

- What do you want to become? Why did you choose that profession?

- Football player and ambassador, to be useful to my country.

 - Is there an idea that guides you in life?

- It is a secret.