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"Tête-à-tête with our students"․ Anahit Kokanyan

- Can you tell us about yourself in five words?

- Active, smiling, kind-hearted, determined, smart.

- Are your parents strict? Do you consider them as your friends?

- They are strict a little bit they are definitely my friends.

- If you were born again, in which country would you like to be born? Why?

- I think in Germany, so that I would be closer to my dream.

- How do you choose your friends?

- I like them to be sincere, kind, tolerant and respectful.

- If you had the opportunity to have a supernatural ability, what would be your choice?

- To be able to read people's thoughts.

- What advice do your parents give you?

- Only useful ones.

- What is your favorite book?

"The old man and the sea"

- Do you have any favorite dishes?

-Of course.

- What do you do in your free time?

- I enjoy my free time.

- What do you want to become? Why did you choose that profession?

- Doctor, because it is my childhood dream.

- Is there an idea that guides you in life?

- Never give up.