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No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten!!!

The "Immortal Regiment" is an international movement created to preserve the memory of  the Great Patriotic War generation.

Every year on Victory Day, the participants of the movement walk along the streets of the cities with the photos of war heroes, and not just their relatives.

Armenia joined the Immortal Regiment movement in 2017. This year the commemorative event is held online due to the State of Emergency Declared over Coronavirus  outbreak.

The Educational- Sport Complex of CJSC Gazprom Armenia gladly joins the Immortal Regiment, presenting the photos of the heroic relatives of its students and employees.



May 9 is a Triple holiday for the Armenian people: the Great Patriotic War Victory Day, Shushi Liberation Day and Artsakh Defense Army Formation Day. Students of Educational-Sport Complex despite the state of emergency have prepared a series of online events on the occasion of the holidays.


The Armenian people also had a unique contribution to the victory in the Great Patriotic War. As was noted by Soviet Marshal G. Zhukov "Armenian fighters, from soldiers to Marshals, have covered themselves with the indomitable glory of brave warriors."


The Armenian people fought for the sacred victory, fought tirelessly and served both in the rear and on the battlefield, defending their homeland. Many of them died for the Great Victory, giving their lives for a patriotic noble idea.



For 28 years, on May 9, the Armenian people have been celebrating the day of the fateful victory, the day of liberation of the ancient capital of Artsakh, Shushi. Victory is a memory. As long as we remember the fighters who sacrificed their lives for the sake of peace and prosperity of the homeland, there is still and remains the Victory they've created, the victory of the united spirit.



Eternal glory and tribute to our heroes of the Artsakh Liberation War, the Great Patriotic War, the builders of victories.

Congratulations on May 9, congratulations on the Triple holiday!