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What is phenomenon-based learning?

"Phenomenon-based learning" is a method of organizing education. The essence of it is that we present the same phenomenon to the children from different sides. The program is made according to the peculiarities of the children, their developmental requirements, opportunities, and needs. Accordingly, a separate curriculum is made and developed for each grade. We consider it very important to teach how to learn and form independent thinking.

Within the framework of phenomenon-based education, various events were organized in the elementary school, such as meetings with the children's parents. During the meetings, such important topics were highlighted, as "Children's rights", "Healthy food", "Music in our life. Armenian composers "," Our emotions ",   "Galaxy"," History of money creation, types ", etc.

The children also acquired new skills, in particular, making ruler and souvenirs, expressing their own emotions, making raisins, analyzing fairy tales to understand the true meaning of the latter.