"Peace to all and everywhere"

The 31st anniversary of the formation of the Armenian Army was also celebrated in the kindergarten of our complex.

The theme of the matinee was "Peace to all and everywhere». Military uniforms, flying tricolors, patriotic poems, war songs and stories about heroes. The organizers of the event are sure that it is necessary to instill in children the love for the motherland, the army, and the soldier from an early age at the same time instilling feelings of honesty, courage, kindness, and patriotism, which will bear fruit in the future. "Military patriotism should be started in preschool age by means of conversations, stories about heroes, songs, videos. "Educators should discover in children the ability to help each other, to empathize, to reject narcissism, besides them, having the ability to orient correctly in conflict situations, to form a sense of courage and responsibility," mentioned the organizers of the event.

It should be noted that the event was also a call for peace to the world from the lips of children.