Erik Hasratyan's unique achievements

The Kangaroo International Mathematical Competition is the most massive and popular school competition in the world, which presents logical and fascinating problems and is held on the same day every year with the participation of about 7 million children in more than 80 countries. In Armenia and Artsakh, thanks to the efforts of the Ayb Educational Foundation, new Armenian schoolchildren are joining the ranks of the Kangaroo year after year, who try their best in the competition with great enthusiasm and interest.

"Kangaroo" aroused great excitement and quickly turned into not only the most popular competition, but also a real children's mathematical movement. This year, more than 25,000 students have measured their knowledge in mathematics and Armenian language subjects in Ayb competitions. Only in the "Kangaroo" competition 28 winners and 407 top result scorers are known.

"Bee. The Armenian language for everyone ”competition is also of great interest among students. It is intended for all students in grades 3-12, with the aim of making Armenian more popular among our students through interesting and engaging tasks.

Erik Hasratyan, a student of our educational complex, scored maximum points in two competitions at the same time. This is a unique result, which has happened very rarely in the history of the above-mentioned competitions.

According to Eric's mother, the competitions were quite difficult, but the child was able to overcome all the stages. According to her, not only good knowledge but also mind flexibility and detail-oriented skills were taken into consideration.

Eric intends to study all subjects equally well, certainly not to be lazy and to have already decided on a choice of profession in high school. He fluctuates between becoming a robotics specialist or a physicist. His dream is to create a time machine.