May 9 in the educational complex

Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten ․․․

Our students celebrated the triumphant May Day first with a historical reference, as history is an invaluable treasure, and future generations must be brought up, inspired, and create future victories by the patriotism of the victorious heroes.

Our students presented how the Armenian people contributed to the victory of the Patriotic War 80 years ago, how the Armenian soldiers danced our victorious kochari in Berlin, near the Reichstag. In the same victorious spirit, in 1992, the fortress city of Shushi was liberated successfully carried out by the "Wedding in the Mountains" operation about which our students learn directly from the organizer – Arkadi Ter-Tadevoyan who was posthumously awarded the title of National Hero of the Republic of Armenia. During the event, those present observed a minute of silence in honor of the memory of the legendary commander.

We were lucky enough to host Commandos in our educational complex, and the students learned a vital lesson from the meeting. "In the struggle of Goy, the strong wins, in the end, wins the one armed with knowledge" ․ Commandos.

Unfortunately, in the second Artsakh war, we had territorial concessions including Shushi. But, as our students say, wars awaken and unite the people, in this case around the idea of ​​waving the Armenian tricolor in Shushi again.