Traditional tree planting in the courtyard of the complex

Every year, on the occasion of the Foundation Day of the educational and sports complex, tree planting, which has become a tradition, is organized. This year was no exception. The children planted trees in the school yard with great joy and energy, watered them and promised that they would constantly monitor the environment and take care of it.

Planting trees with the participation of children also pursues the goal of natural science and environmental education.

It should be noted that 8 years ago, on April 16, 2015, the groundbreaking ceremony of our complex took place, which was attended by high-ranking officials of the country headed by the President of the Republic of Armenia, as well as the chairmen of the Management Board of Gazprom PJSC and Gazprom Armenia CJSC.

The director of the educational and sports complex Alexander Grigoryan in his speech noted that the day of the foundation of the complex will now be marked by the annual planting of trees. This will be a lesson for children who will learn to take care of the environment and will monitor the growth of the trees they planted in everyday life.