We start our trainings

Due to the epidemic, many people have stopped training in the gym or stopped training at all, but how to resume training after a long break in the gym? Many trainees often face a big problem - how to resume training after a long break. Our professional coaches will help you in this matter.

Here are some tips from our coaches.

We start our trainings

1. After a long break you are full of energy but you should not burden your body at once. It is necessary to gradually increase the progression of the trainings (week by week).

2. During the first weeks, you need to make a training plan so that it is more like a novice trainee. Do a lot of exercises with few repetitions.

3. This scheme will guarantee you a positive result, you can work the maximum number of muscle groups and to tone the muscles. During the first training, it is necessary to train 3 muscle groups. You do not need to lift heavy weights at once. Choose the right weight and repeat it in the right amount. The most optimal option is 6-12 repetitions for one approach.

4. During the first 2-3 weeks, you should not torment yourself. There is no need to do too many exercises to hurt the muscles. Muscle aches do not always mean that you have trained well. You are in the process of recovery after a long break and you will not set records, on the contrary, you will be harmed.

5. During each training you need to do a pre-workout which should be done for 10-15 minutes. It will help you warm up your muscles and avoid injuries.

6. You do not need to change your diet with sports food, especially pharmacological. Allow your body to adapt for 1-3 months.

7. The recovery period depends on the size of your break. For example, if you take a break for 3 months, the recovery process will take 1-1.5 months.

After the recovery period you can already start your usual trainings.