Psychological seminar on the topic of "Child hysteria. "Child aggression"

Taking into consideration the importance of kindergarten-child-parent interaction in the field of education and the upbringing of preschool children,  we regularly hold psychological seminars for parents, during which various topics related to children are discussed.

During the seminars, parents have the opportunity to get acquainted with the professional approaches to the topic, to receive practical advice, as well as to ask questions that interest them.

By the way, the topics of the meetings are determined taking into account the suggestions made by the parents.

On November 26, another psychological seminar was held, the topic of which was "Child Hysteria. "Child aggression." During the meeting of two hours, the causes of hysteria in children, as well as the causes of aggressive behavior, age characteristics, effective and ineffective ways of adult response were discussed. During the meeting, the specialists answered the parents' questions.