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Tet-a-tet with our students; Sergey Gasparyan

The beginning of the series of "Tête-à-tête with our students" is our conversation with Sergey Gasparyan, a 4th grade student at our school. We tried to get to know Sergey better, to understand how he is outside the class, what his preferences and goals are.

- How do you prefer to be called?

"I like to be called Yozh."

- What do you want everyone to know about you?

- I want everyone to know that I am smart.

- What professions are you interested in?

- I love the professions of doctor and football player. I want to become a cardiologist .

- And why a cardiologist?

- My mother is a doctor, she advises me so.

- How do you choose your friends?

- I choose my friends by their behavior.

- Do you like to communicate with adults or children more?

- I like to communicate with adults more than children, because adults understand everything.

- What do you often discuss with friends?

- I talk to my friends about games and lessons.

- Where would you like to be born if you were given the opportunity to be born again?

- If I had the opportunity to be born again, I would like to be born in Armenia again because this is my homeland.

- And what do you want to do for Armenia?

- I want to become president and increase the territories.

"Is there a sport you do?"

"I chose boxing to be strong, to be able to defend myself and help the weak." For example, now when someone insults girls, I protect them.

- How are your weekends?

- On weekends I like to walk in the center, then I go to my father's workplace to help him.

- What advice do your grandparents give you? Do you listen to them?

"I follow the advice of my grandparents except one."

- What is that advice that you refuse to follow?

- They always ask to read a book.

- Is there a book that you liked?

- I liked one book, where they told about animals that do not really exist.

- What advice would you give to your peers?

- I would advise my classmates not to fight with each other and read books about animals.

- What do you need to be happy?

- I have everything.

This is how Sergey was, or as he likes to be called, Yozh.